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2015 Banquet

Info for 2015 QCMP 4th Annual Banquet

 QCMP will be holding the 4th annual banquet Saturday March 7,2015 at:
      Holiday Inn
      7410 South Ave
      Boardman, OH 44512

      Reservations for a room can me made by
      calling the Holiday Inn @ 330-726-1611

This is the same venue we used last year. More details will be coming in the following weeks.


Tentative Schedule Added

 Extra! Extra!

We have added a TENTATIVE schedule! (PLEASE REMEMBER THIS IS ONLY TENTATIVE. THINGS CAN AND WILL CHANGE) We will be adding additional events as the dates are set. 

You can check it out here



Great Pumpkin Race results

Alright the results are finalized and without further a do!

Freaky Friday Race :

Fox Auto Box Class- 
4 way split between Joseph Deangelo, Tyler Schreider, Tom Ferguson, and Randy Biddle Sr.

Stratton Chevy No-Box Class-
Winner- Sam Manude 6.7905 on a 6.79 dial; .0251 reaction
R/U- John Janu III 6.7535 on a 6.76 dial; .0295 reaction

Bike Class-
Winner- Perry Paugh 5.2530 on a 5.29 dial; .1061 reaction
R/U- Paul Samora 5.8083 on a 5.79 dial; -.0299 red reaction

Jr Dragster Class-
Winner- Ryan Leasure 8.4773 on a 8.64 dial; .0673 reaction
R/U- Kyle Rokosky 7.9521 on a 7.93 dial; -.0680 red reaction

Saturday Cauldron of Coin Race :

Fox Auto Box Class-
18 way split between Dale Foss, Don Kinney, Dion Vickers, Brandon Hooker, Tyler Schreider, Rob Leasure, Bob Cireddu, Albert Donell, Justin Vickers, Jeff Hura, Nick Karas, Tony Trianfante, Randy Harp, Roy Coleman, Clint Paden, Dan Hageman, and Kristen Kiger.

Stratton Chevy No-Box Class-
4 way split between Tim Helmick, Kenny Case, John Janu III, and Donald Arndt Jr.

Bike Class-
Winner- Perry Paugh 
R/U- Paul Samora

Junior Dragster Class-
Winner- Andrew Valentino 7.9455 on a 7.90 dial; .0426 reaction
R/U- Sarah Gruber 8.0323 on a 8.03 dial; .1073 reaction

Best kids costume- ALL OF THEM!! Everyone stepped up their game this year and I'm glad we had prizes for all of you, as you all deserved to win!!
Best adult costume- Wade
Best decorated trailer- Wade
Best decorated trailer R/U- Kim and Gary Leasure

Sunday Cauldron of Coin Race :

Fox Auto Box Class-
Winner- Rich Matty 5.3511 on a 5.35 dial; .0257 reaction
R/U- Fred Krokora 4.6417 on a 4.64 dial; .0259 reaction
(talk about a close race!!!)

Stratton Chevy No-Box Class-
Winner- Bubba Black 6.7743 on a 6.28 dial; .0453 reaction
R/U- Bob Cireddu 7.7434 on a 6.50 dial; -.0001 red reaction

Bike Class-
Winner- Paul Samora 5.8900 on a 5.89 dial; .0403 reaction
R/U- Perry Paugh 5.3826 on a 5.38 dial; .0850 reaction

Jr Dragster Class-
Winner- Sarah Gruber 8.0251 on a 7.99 dial; .0058 reaction
R/U- Billy Leasure 8.0935 on a 8.05 dial; .0345 reaction

Congrats to all the winners and r/u's! This weekend had some of the closest races I've seen in a long time!



QCMP wants to thank everyone for making the Great Pumpkin Race the biggest and best race we've ever had! Most of our employees put in around 40 hours in a 3 day period, so if you get the chance thank each and every one of them for their dedication in bringing you a safe and fun race weekend. Many people have said this was the biggest event they've seen at Quaker in the past 20 years, and it wouldn't have been possible without each and every one of you coming out for it! We are humbled to have had so many great racers and people here at one event, and we hope you continue to come out and support us at Quaker City. One thing is for certain, we will continue to do our absolute best to provide you and your family the best place to race! We hope everyone has a safe and happy off season and we look forward to an even bigger and better 2015 season! Again, thank you all for your support in 2014 and god bless! AJ and the rest of the QCMP staff/family !!


Reserved Parking

Here is a map of the grounds. Please be courteous as to reserved spots. Individuals have paid money to park there for the year with their equipment. Thanks QCMP Staff




Do to the number of oil downs and the safety of our racers and staff, beginning Aug. 15, 2013 all cars running 9.99 and faster will be required to have an engine diaper.


Quick 16 Testimonial

Norm, Tom, and the rest of the QCMP Staff:
We had the honor and privilege of competing in the Quick 16 series event at Quaker City Motorsports Park on June 29, 2013.
You should be commended for such a great racing facility, racing surface, and racing series. 
1. The track handled some big numbers and great racing action from all competitors.  All competitors were able to run consistent times round-after-round and put on a good show for the many fans and fellow competitors in attendance for the event.
2. The Quick 16 program ran on time, and even with a few rain/race delays throughout the day, the entire event was wrapped up around 9:30 PM.  We were put on a 45 minute turn-around for each qualifying pass and round of eliminations.  All drivers and race teams had plenty of time to cool down, refuel, recharge, and make their next round of qualifying or eliminations.  There was no waiting around in the staging lanes once the call was made for Quick 16 competitors.
3. The track staff and management was very courteous to all competitors and fans on hand.  The announcers were well informed of the vehicles competing in the event and had good information to provide about all the competitors, their associates, and most importantly, the series sponsors.
In the future, we would have no hesitation about stepping up our Ny-Trex nitrous tune-up and aiming for times in the 4.10 range.
Racers and fans support this program. You won't be disappointed.
Team video highlights from the event: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXY5WZ95llw
See you in August!
Tom and Ryan Martino
Martino Motorsports
Youngstown, Ohio


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