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Street Night

We have added another Street Night for Wed Sept 17, 2014


Coming Soon

Don't forget to save the date October 10, 2014. The Great Pumpkin Burndown featuring Tim Arfons and the Green Monster Jet dragster and back by popular demand Bob Motz and his jet engine semi.

Friday night is going to be the start of the Great Pumpkin Race weekend:
Gates will open at 3:00
1 time trial will begin at 6:00

      Friday night entry fee is going to be:
      $20 for adults  $10 ages 6-15 and 5 and under are free

Gates will open at 8:00 am on Saturday and Sunday
Saturday will have 2 time trials beginning at 10:00am with Trick or Treat @ 7:00pm
Racing will resume shortly after
Sunday will only have 1 time trial beginning @ 10:00am
The Cauldron of Coin Race will immediately follow time trials

       Saturday and Sunday entry fee is:
       $10 for adults    ages 10 and under are free


Saturday and Sunday Test -n- Tune

Saturday September 20, 2014: 

Test N Tune $25 entry Gates open at 11
Time Trials 1:00 
Box/No Box Gamblers race

***NOTE***  At least $500.00 guaranteed to winner

There will also be a Bike/Sled & Street Gamblers race, $35 to enter, and a Juniors Gamblers race. $25 to enter, payout based on car count on each. (**If not enough participants in each class, we will revert back to a test and tune and refund accordingly**)

Spectator entry $10

Sunday September 21, 2014:

Test N Tune $25 entry Gates open at 10
Time Trials 12:00
Box/No Box Gamblers race
***NOTE***  At least $500.00 guaranteed to winner

There will also be a Bike/Sled & Street Gamblers race, $35 to enter, and a Juniors Gamblers race. $25 to enter, payout based on car count on each.(**If not enough participants in each class, we will revert back to a test and tune and refund accordingly**)

Spectator entry $10


Bracket Finals Roster

2014 Parking Map for Bracket Finals:


Bill Prest
Bob Bastian
Mike Kopko
Lou Greco
Keith Gerlach
Clint Paden
Steven Weich
Dan Hageman
Jim Gibson
Art Cioffi
Ken Nickless
Nick Craig
Joseph Macksyn
Brian McHattie

Dave Maynard
Bill Tishko
Tyler Underwood
Rick Pearson
Dale Greenwald
Greg Klein
Bryan Claugus
Mike Pisani
Tim Miller
Chuck Ramsey
Steve Antenucci
Jim Culp
Ray Wade
Stef Tomasko

Jerry Coblentz
Bob Schrader
Steve Klacik
Clint Coblentz
Charlie Hairhoger
Steven Underwood
Nick Scheckelhoff

Jeff Kocanyar
Jesse Baker
Tom Madrin

Jr 8/12:
Maicy Stewart
Landyn Seal

Jr 13/17:
Sarah Gruber
Lane Donnalley
Chad Kopko

Alternates: Dave Vassel and Ryan Borland



Index Series results for Sept 7:

Winner: Don Turner
Runner Up: George Romore

10:00 Index:
Winner: V. Gambino
Runner Up: Bill Hall

10:50 Index:
Winner: Wade Lauck
Runner Up: Nick Durse

11:00 Index:
Winner: Jack Battafamo
Runner up: James Davies

Run Off:
Winner: Gordie Stevens
Runner Up: Dan Hageman

Box Semi: R. Frank

No Box Semi: Greg Klein

Winner: Tom Madrin
Runner Up: Jesse Baker


Update for Lightning and Thunder Show


The July 26th show has been rescheduled for Friday, October 10th!! Bob Motz jet semi, Arfons in the jet front engine dragster, time bandit nitro front engine dragster, nostalgia funny cars, and much more! 

The new name for the event is THE GREAT PUMPKIN BURN DOWN! It will be the best show to date for QCMP!



Today we have finally got all the bugs worked out of the scoreboards and they're up and running, and they'll be debuted this weekend!! Come on out and enjoy the awesome scoreboards and weekend with us!!




QCMP wants to send a huge thank you to Tom Christmas of Christmas Automotive (Fat and Furious: Rolling Thunder tv show) for helping fill the void in the Quick 16 sponsorship! Your the stinkin man Tommy! And thanks to ALL the Quick 16 sponsors who make the series possible! We hope to have a record breaking field this Saturday!


New Entry Sign

Check out some of the pics of the new entry sign.



Doing what needs to be done

Even the owner does what he needs to keep up. No job too big or too small.


Pics from Nostalgia Classic

We would like to thank Bob Wenzelburger for pictures from the Nostalgia Weekend.

Click Here


Reserved Parking

Here is a map of the grounds. Please be courteous as to reserved spots. Individuals have paid money to park there for the year with their equipment. Thanks QCMP Staff


Printable Schedule

Here is a printable copy of the schedule for Q.C.M.P.


Points Sign Up

Here is a sheet for points application. You can fill out and mail it to the address provided:

Points Application




Do to the number of oil downs and the safety of our racers and staff, beginning Aug. 15, 2013 all cars running 9.99 and faster will be required to have an engine diaper.


Quick 16 Testimonial

Norm, Tom, and the rest of the QCMP Staff:
We had the honor and privilege of competing in the Quick 16 series event at Quaker City Motorsports Park on June 29, 2013.
You should be commended for such a great racing facility, racing surface, and racing series. 
1. The track handled some big numbers and great racing action from all competitors.  All competitors were able to run consistent times round-after-round and put on a good show for the many fans and fellow competitors in attendance for the event.
2. The Quick 16 program ran on time, and even with a few rain/race delays throughout the day, the entire event was wrapped up around 9:30 PM.  We were put on a 45 minute turn-around for each qualifying pass and round of eliminations.  All drivers and race teams had plenty of time to cool down, refuel, recharge, and make their next round of qualifying or eliminations.  There was no waiting around in the staging lanes once the call was made for Quick 16 competitors.
3. The track staff and management was very courteous to all competitors and fans on hand.  The announcers were well informed of the vehicles competing in the event and had good information to provide about all the competitors, their associates, and most importantly, the series sponsors.
In the future, we would have no hesitation about stepping up our Ny-Trex nitrous tune-up and aiming for times in the 4.10 range.
Racers and fans support this program. You won't be disappointed.
Team video highlights from the event: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXY5WZ95llw
See you in August!
Tom and Ryan Martino
Martino Motorsports
Youngstown, Ohio


Tech Email

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